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Interview Suzanne Rasmussen

Interview Suzanne Rasmussen

Editor of Vølse magazine for members Forn Siðr

Danish organization Forn Sidr, how it is structured, how many members are you, what activities do you do and how Asatrú is lived in Denmark in our contemporary times.

Forn Siðr was approved on 6 November 2003 as a denomination by the Ministry of Church Affairs. Among other things, it has given the religious community the right to perform legally valid marriages for its members, as well as better opportunities for the members to be buried by old norse rituals.

Forn Sidr have a steady number of 700 members, and it is slowly increasing every year.

And we have a board of 7 members, who are elected by the members at the annual Alting. Each member of the Board of Directors is up for election every two years. In recent years, we have had a stable and hard-working board. Our community, however, like many others has been marked by the restrictions due to Covid-19. In April this year, we will hold the first «free» Alting in two years – and we look forward to finally meeting again at the «Bogenholm camp» where we will be a little over 100 participants who meet over three days with lectures, Alting, and joint conversation around the fire in the evening.

Despite the Covid restrictions, the board has been busy arranging Blot- group conferences, and several camps for Pagan Youth (HU – Hedensk Ungdom)

Coordination of online lectures on various relevant topics for members has been a success, as well as planning, and holding intro-blót several times a year throughout the country for new members.

We also place great emphasis on being seen as modern asatro, and distance ourselves from being perceived as Viking reentactors!

Forn Sidr has also taken the initiative to have the «Coloring Book of the Gods» printed, which has been created as inspiration for our children, who can color the gods and read little stories about them. We also take these books out to the schools when we go visit the smallest classes, to tell them about Nordic mythology.

 We know that you are the editor of the Volse magazine for forn sidr members, how this great contribution began.  What topics does the magazine deal with?

I have been the editor of Vølse since January 2015, and it is a great honour for me serving the gods this way. Our magazine mainly deals with topics regarding our faith, before and now, rituals, Seidr, runemagic events in our community, reviewing books dealing with Asatru, or related subjects and so on.

 How do you plan the contents of the magazine?  How many permanent or temporary collaborators do you have?  What inspires you to contribute new things?

Fortunately, I have a solid team of dedicated writers, who delivers well-written articles on the faith and other related topics to each issue. But I also have some, who write a little once in a while, and others who I encourage to write about a particular topic.

 What topics do you like the most when researching to write articles for the magazine?

I have no favorites really, but I try to be up front on new books, or issues regarding our faith. But for our next issue, I´ll be writing about a Victorian lady, who traveled a lot around the world, and her visit to the Faroe Islands, where she had some very strong experiences with the fairies/vaettir

 How do you live in Denmark that there are people in southern Europe practicing the ancient spirituality of the north and the Magic of the runes or Seidr?

I think its absolutely fantastic, and I am very touched by your knowledge and dedication to the old norse ways, and it proves to me that the Norse gods and goddesses have no boundaries , and can live in the souls of the people with open hearts – and maybe with Viking ancestors, who knows ? 

 You have collaborated on some things for David Wolfheart’s new Ásatrú book about Ásatrú, you even make a brief introduction in the book, how has this experience been for you?

I was very honored when David asked med to write a brief introduction to his book, because I have the greatest respect for David, his knowledge and absolutely innovative and exciting approach to the runes.

He has given me a refreshing look at “the old ways”

Soon you will travel to Catalonia and we will have the opportunity to meet in person, what emotions and thoughts do you have about this trip?

I can’t express how much I look forward to meeting all of you my Catalonian brothers and sisters – it will be a most joyous reunion!

You will be able to share a bLót a Njörd es the Catalan Mediterranean coasts with members of Asatrú Catalunya and the Temple of Freyja, without a doubt coming from Denmark it must be special to go to a distant country to share your tradition, what do you think about it? 

I cant wait to share this blót with you in honor of Njord – I have a very strong feeling that it will be an extraordinary and unique experience for all of us!

What do you think about projects such as the Temple of Freyja, which shows the feminine part of Asatrú and enhances the feminine knowledge of our tradition?

I absolutely love it! I have a very strong feeling, that the feminine aspect of Asatru was very important to our female ancestors – as we know from Seidr and Völva practices – and seeing your video from temple of Freyja, I was absolutely enchanted, you have really caught the very essence of feminine magic -a true inspiration!

 Any words for our followers of the Freyja temple?

Keep up your good work and practices – you are a true inspiration to your Norse sisters!

Deeply grateful to Suzanne for this inspiring interview, for her kindness and attention, we feel great respect and admiration for their work, we are happy to be twinned with our Danish friends.

Interview by David Wolfheart and Templo de Freyja

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